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This blog is about my “Meridian of Time” as a mother. I am in the middle. I have teenagers, elementary kids and a toddler. My Meridian of Time is this span of my time as a mother on this earth. I believe in joyful, creative, conscious mothering, and will readily admit my struggle with attaining them!

As a wife and the mother of 5 children (ages 17,14, 9, 9 and 4). I have a passion for the health and well being of the family. This passion led me to become a doula and childbirth educator, which allowed me to study pregnancy and birth up close. I so enjoyed having the privilege of being invited to the birth of a family. I have since retired from birth work once my own family started growing. The love for all things natural led me also to become an Herbalist, Aromatherapist, and Certified Simply Healed Practitioner. Growing up in a holistic family myself, I understood at an early age how important the mind, body, spirit connection is to living a truly vibrant life of joy. I know we all are here to live out our personal mission. I know as we align that mission with others, we will light the world!

I love creating something every day-wether it be an herbal concoction, an entry into my creativity journal, a blog post, or cookies! I know that when I access the creativity in myself, I live a better mothering experience.

My family runs our own essential oil and herbal supplement company- Herbalogie.com. We love having a family business, and offering other families the most amazing quality products at family affordable prices. As a homeschooling family as well, this is the perfect home study in math, economics and entrepreneurial-ship!  My children are involved in every process of the business and love to hear the daily report of, “We’ve got orders!”

In my “free” time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, making my own herbal preparations and medicines, lotions and aromatherapy blends, cooking, reading, studying, writing and  creative journaling! I believe in being a perpetual student of life. For the last 17 years I have taught classes on all the subjects I love. I enjoy teaching, and I love learning

from those I teach even more! 

May your Meridian of Time be a beautiful one!

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